How to Make Angel Pins

Congratulations!! You have chosen to make angel pins. They will be gifts that will be treasured for years to come. You may also want to get some ideas by visiting our Angel Pin Store.

These instructions may have to be modified depending upon the type of wings and bodies that you choose for your projects. You will be able to make these modifications as you go along. The key is to experiment with positioning before gluing any pieces together.

Decide on your angel face and include it in your positioning experiments. Your design can be short or tall depending upon the way the parts are placed together.

Before you begin, make yourself a working area using a small piece of wax paper. The wax paper will protect your working surface from the glue. The type of glue you choose is a matter of choice. Some people prefer the quick drying super glue while others like an epoxy glue. I use the E-6000 that can be purchased at any hobby store.

Large Wings


The first step when you make angel pins is to pick out the wings and the body (or skirt). Not every skirt looks good with every wing. It is not "rocket science." Use your sense of style -- you can't go wrong. In the picture to the right you see that the wings are large and include a background area large enough to hold the skirt and the face without reinforcement.

Small Wings

However in this picture you will see that the wings and the skirt have nothing to reinforce them and no way to add the dichroic face. In this case, I have chosen a round decorative filigree piece to place on the back of the wings, body, and face. This filigree drop can also be placed behind the face -- it will look like a "crown" when it shows. I use a crown on all of my angels but it is optional.



Also the way you position these parts will determine the overall size of the pin. Experiment with positioning before gluing. In the picture below you will see that we used the same wing design and the same skirt. However, one skirt is placed very low on the wings making the overall size of the angel much larger than the other two. The smaller two angel pins have placed the “triangle shaped wing design” in different positions. This changes the appearance of the project completely.


Gluing the Parts

Continue to experiment with the positioning until you have the design you prefer. When you locate the best position, glue the body to the wings (or glue them both to a metal filigree drop). Let the glue dry before continuing.

Next you will glue the dichroic face to the Body. Let the glue dry before continuing to the next step.

Glue the bow (optional) under the dichroic face and the halo on top of the face. Let dry.


At this point you can also put any special effects on the front of your pin. (Flag for Patriotic, heart for Valentine Day, wreath for Christmas, etc).

After these are COMPLETELY dry, turn the Angel over and put the pin and/or bail on the back.


Now that you are learning to make angel pins --see our examples.

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