Lapel Pin Store - Biker Pin Store

Welcome to our Lapel Pin Store. These small pins are among our best sellers year round. Our Lapel pins do not have skirts and some do not even have wings. These make great gifts for everyone you know!!!!

Harley Davidson Wing Lapel Pins

swlapel3The lapel pin on the left is our most popular Biker Pin. This straight wing is often called the "Harley Davidson" wing. You can find these in the Harley Davidson Wing Lapel Store.

Double Wing Lapel Pins

dwlapel1You can find these in the Double Wing Angel Pin Store.

Custom Order Lapel Pins

There are hundreds of custom pins we can design and we do this at no extra charge. If you are interested in a design that you do not see here, click the "contact us" button on the left to let me know. We can design something special for your angel.

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