Dichroic Pendants With Beads
And Fans With Beads

Examples of Custom made jewelry - just for you

Welcome to our collection of Dichroic Pendants with Beads. On this page we show examples only. If you want to shop for this type of jewelry, Visit our Dichroic With Beads Store.

This page is designed for the person who is looking for examples to aid in designing her own jewelry. Everything we design with dichroic is ONE OF A KIND because of the unique characteristics of the glass. These are designs that I have made in the past for myself and for my friends. You choose the length of the necklace and the size of the dichroic accent piece. The prices will vary according to the size of dichroic you want to use and the type of beads. The prices of necklaces we design vary from $24 - $165 for the fans with beads. If you want to talk to us about a special project, just click the "contact us" button on the left.

Amber Fire

Amber Fire Fans With Beads

AmberFireFanBeads1a.jpg AmberFireCopper.jpg

Amber Fire Pendants With Beads

AmberFire1-View1.jpg Amber7.jpg

Nuggets of Gold



Shades of Pink

PinkGold1.jpg PinkIceTriangle.jpg

Blue Ice


Reds!!! Cherry Red to Dark Red



Lazers On Black


These are just a few of the many designs we have done in the past. Let us design something for you!!!!

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