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You have probably already guessed that dichroic glass is our hobby -- and is becoming our passion. We thought you might want to know a little about us, but to be really honest it is difficult to talk about ourselves. Especially when there are so many other things to talk about – like dichroic jewelry, fusing art glass... all those fun topics!!!

We are Rex and Ruth Gentry. We have been making dichroic glass jewelry since 2004. We are not “experts” in our field by any means. However we have learned a lot and most of our knowledge has come through trial and error and sometimes through great cost. We have gone to many art shows and tried to talk to other art glass jewelry designers who have been very reluctant to share with us. They seem to have a need to guard “their secrets”. We don’t want to be like that. We hope that as we share with all of you – you in turn will share with us and with others. Our jewelry making has become more than just a hobby with us. We have a passion for teaching others about its sparkle and beauty.

In a Rut

Our family was probably a very normal Texas family; living life (work, kids, children’s theater, soccer, dance lessons, piano lessons, etc). I guess you could say we were “stuck in a rut”. In 1996, Union Carbide transferred Rex (and our whole family) to Kuwait. We lived there for 2 years – it was an experience that we will never forget. Moving to Kuwait and traveling “broke us out of our rut” and we have never been the same. That experience probably helped me have the confidence to start our jewelry business.

Our other hobbies and interests

Our children have always been interested in theater and choir. I guess all those days and nights spent in “Green Rooms” had an effect on us. We both like to sing, act and play the guitar. Rex has started writing a screenplay and Ruth has started a series of short stories (fiction?? or reality?? – definitely based on the last few years of our lives). We are so busy, it may be years before we can actually have time to finish our creations – but we have high hopes!!!

Rex has always loved “weekend carpentry” and I love to help. In fact, we built one house and are now working on our "studio home" --a warehouse building that we are making into a home.

We love to attend events that have live music, especially those where you can “dress up” for the event – Hawaiian Luaus, Roaring 20’s Parties, 50’s Sock Hops, or 60’s Flower Power Parties (50’s and 60’s are my favorites because of the music). We hope to host lots of parties in our warehouse "studio home" when it is finished.

Dance Dance Dance

We took the beginning lessons of Whip Dance Classes. Wikipedia defines Whip Dance this way... "Whip is a kind of swing dance popular in Texas, USA, which is danced to Rhythm and Blues music." This was quite a stretch for a lady who is a polio survivor and a man who almost lost his foot in a motorcycle accident. But it is always lots of fun!!! We had never danced before – at least not dances with actual steps that you learn. Our teachers were very patient.

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Dichroic Glass Jewelry

Our dichroic discovery has taken priority status in our long list of hobbies. When we saw our first piece sparkling in the sun –we knew we wanted to be able to create something like it. The pictures that we have shared with you can never show you the real beauty of dichroic glass. You have to see it to believe it.

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