The concert of a lifetime and a spray paint artist led us to our discovery of dichroic jewelry

Even though we have been making dichroic glass projects for several years, we want to take you back to our introduction to this amazing glass.

It may seem strange that we talk about a rock and roll singer when our topic is jewelry, but it is all a part of a story about a very special day in our lives. Rex and I have always loved the music of Johnny Rivers. On February 21, 2004, we planned a trip to Austin, Texas to hear his band play with the Austin Symphony Orchestra. When our daughter heard that we were going to Austin, she asked us to check out an artist that she had seen on 6th Street. He was a spray paint artist who painted incredible pictures while a crowd watched. Her enthusiasm as she described this artist made us know that we could not leave Austin without seeing this man work.

Johnny Rivers Concert

JohnnyRivers.jpgWe arrived in Austin just in time to check into our hotel and go directly to the concert. Johnny Rivers was absolutely incredible!!! If you are a fan then you can probably imagine hearing “Poor Side of Town”, “Rockin’ Pneumonia”, “Slow Dancin’” and “Summer Rain” with a whole orchestra in the background. A friend that had worked with Rex in Kuwait found us in the lobby. We had a great time visiting him and his family while we watched Johnny Rivers talk to fans and sign autographs. As much as I wanted an autograph, the line was just too long and we were exhausted. Click here to learn more about Johnny Rivers. Johnny's performance dazzled us like our dichroic

We find SPARKLE in the Austin sunlight

The next morning we woke up and had breakfast. We were on a mission to find our daughter’s artist. We must have stopped at 5 or 6 different craft/art fairs before we learned that the artist we were looking for did not arrive until late at night. We continued to shop at the various craft tents. Then my eyes caught a sparkle coming from one of the tables. THERE IT WAS!!!!! Dichroic Glass. I had never seen anything like it. I looked up to see if I could find Rex and realized that he had found the same table. Before I could even ask if we could buy a piece, Rex asked me, “Which one do you want?”

Johnny Rivers on the 6th Street Sidewalk

6thStreetSign.jpgWe were hooked!!!!! I was excited when we left the craft fair. I could not stop looking at our dichroic jewelry purchase. I didn’t realize how excited I was until later. We ate lunch at the Hard Rock Café and were walking out of the restaurant to our car when I looked up and saw Johnny Rivers. Johnny and his guitarist stopped when he saw we recognized him. They were both so friendly and kind – treating us like “long lost friends”. They talked to us for quite a while about the concert we had heard the night before and their upcoming tour schedule. I asked if he was coming to Houston and he told us he would love to. He explained that Houston is one of his favorite cities but they were booked for over a year. He probably saw the disappointment on my face and then told me that I could call the Houston radio station – the old KLDE - and tell them to call him for a booking. Before we got to our car we realized that we had our camera with us and never even thought to take a photo or to get an autograph. Well, I am sorry that in our excitement we failed to get a picture to help us remember. However, that visit on the sidewalk of 6th street is deeply etched in my memory and as much as I would have loved a photo – I will never forget that day and our visit with Johnny Rivers. In fact every time I wear my "Austin" dichroic pendant, I think of that afternoon in front of Hard Rock Cafe. HardRockCafeAustin.jpg
By the way, when I returned to Houston I called KLDE and told them about my visit with Johnny and a year later Johnny came to SugarLand in a KLDE sponsored concert.

The spray paint artist is found

6thStreetSprayPainter.jpgLater that evening we did find the spray paint artist. That turned out to be a very exciting adventure in itself. In the afternoon, Austin had shown no sign of celebrating Mardi gras. However, that night, the streets were blocked off and every college and high school student from 100 miles around must have come to help Austin celebrate. It was a WALL of people everywhere we went. But when we finally found the artist on 6th Street, it was worth the effort.

The street painter was as wonderful as our daughter described. We had a very exciting day. Within 24 hours we had met and visited with one of our very favorite singers/performers, watched a street painter create several works of art, and we discovered dichroic art glass jewelry. That was indeed a great day. Click here to see the Austin spray paint artist at work

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