Angel pins are great gifts for the "angels" in your life.


Angel pins make wonderful gifts for any occasion. Since I was a child, angels have been a symbol of God's protection. My grandmother had a picture in her bedroom of two children crossing a “shaky” bridge during a storm. Beside the little boy and girl was a beautiful angel who was leading them to safety. That picture has been a constant inspiration to me and when I think of angels, this image always comes to my mind. In fact, with each pin that I create for my customers and friends, it is this angel that I see. If you would like to purchase one of our angels, visit our Angel Pin Store. To see our complete line of jewelry designs, please visit our Jewelry Store.
You may decide that you would like to learn how to make these lovely gifts for your friends.

The Perfect Personal Gift Item for Men and for Women

Our angel pins are our most popular gift item. They are sometimes given as a remembrance of a loved one who has gone on to heaven. They are also given to special friends here on earth who are celebrating a birthday or special event. Everyone needs a reminder of God's protection and love.


We have recently added tie tacks / lapel pins to our "Angel Collection". These are becoming very popular for both men and women. They are very popular with our biker friends.


Our "Lady Angels" continue to be our very best seller. They can be worn as a pin, a pendant, or used as a Christmas ornament or a wall decoration. This lovely angel on the left is waiting to be a "guardian angel" for your friend. Shop for Angel Pins

Rex and I love to watch the expressions of people at craft fairs when they first see these lovely pins with dichroic faces. We are not surprised at their popularity. These angels make the perfect personal gift item for all seasons and all occasions. We make "Lady Angels" and "Tie Tack / Lapel Pin Angels". Now there is a gift idea for everyone on your list. What a great reminder that we have a Guardian Angel. One look at that little angel on our shoulder and our fears can be calmed – just like the children on the shaky bridge. It is also a great way to honor a friend who has been an "angel" in your life or remember a friend who is no longer on earth.

Make them yourself or order one from us

Giving a little angel for a gift and letting them know they are special is certainly a great feeling for both the giver and receiver. It is a perfect reminder of God's protecting love for each of us. We will be glad to design a pin especially for you. Visit our Jewelry Store to see designs that are already created and ready to ship.

If you would rather be the creator of the angel pins, Rex and Ruth Gentry want to teach you how to make these lovely gifts yourself. With just a few “angel parts”, like the ones pictured below, you will be able to make a great variety of angels.


Dirchroic Angel Faces

There are a lot of materials that you could choose for the angel faces, but in our examples, the angels have dichroic faces. We want to share our techniques of making these lovely angel faces with you. The sparkle and glitter of the dichroic glass are perfect for the face of an angel.


Our Angels are more than JUST a pin

Our angel pins can also be used as a pendant, a Christmas ornament, or as a small wall hanging. We add a bail to the back of the angel just above the pin. Of course this is optional. If you know in advance that this will only be used as a pin, then the bail is not necessary.




We have many examples of the angel pins that we have made in the past. We are constantly designing new angels for our friends and customers. We would love to create one for you or you may choose one of the examples. The dichroic angel face cannot be exactly duplicated so that does make each angel unique. We have grouped the angel examples by the type of wing that they have. For ordering information use the contact us button on the left.

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Directions for making angel pins.

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