Angel Pins for Ruth and Rex Gentry

Virginia Kernaghan gave angel pins to Ruth and Rex Gentry.

Ruth and Rex Gentry
by Virginia Kernaghan

Gentry1.jpgThey have only recently moved back to Alvin. Many years ago, Ruth was my student in the 8th grade. Rex works in Lake Jackson. They are building their own home in the Heights area. While construction is going on, they had all their household treasures stored in a trailer on their property. They rent an apartment during the week in Lake Jackson where Rex works, then come to Alvin on week-ends to work on their home here.

Through the years, they have visited me often, and many times they have performed on programs for us at church. We share a love of music. While they lived in Kuwait on Rex's job assignment, we corresponded regularly.

Before the recent hurricane arrived, they came over, boarded up my Patio doors at the back of the house, and the stained glass panel in my living room at the front because they are so dear and so thoughtful, knowing that I would most likely need help. And I did. My own children also were here and had taped up the glass windows. During the storm we felt safe because kind friends had come to our aid and also because we know the ONE who controls the storm.

After the hurricane had left our area, we had some damage, but the windows and other glass doors were still intact. Our kind friends, the Gentrys, however did NOT fare so well. The extreme wind and rain demolished their trailer and all their household furniture and other possessions, but their philosophy is: "It is only stuff. We are all safe and alive. God provides." And HE does. I could not ask for better friends and neighbors than Ruth and Rex Gentry. I call them my angels. The photos on this page came from Virginia Kernaghan's photograph albums of memories.





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