Virginia Hollis Kernaghan receives an angel pin

Rex and Ruth Gentry designed an angel pin gift for a very special lady, Virginia Kernaghan. We gave her an angel pin because we know that she is an "ANGEL ON EARTH".

VKintro The following is the story of our friendship with Virginia Kernaghan.

I first met her when she was my teacher in Alvin Junior High School. Her class was one of my favorite classes that year. She had a “reading contest” in all of her classes. Most reading contests made you choose books from a small list, but Mrs. Kernaghan allowed us to read any of the books in the library, short stories, and even some approved magazine articles. That contest was so much fun and it gave me a love for reading that never died.

Mrs. Kernaghan also asked us to write an “autobiography” that year. She challenged us to research the history of our parents lives as well as our own. I learned more about my parents through that experience than I had ever known before. Every paper that I wrote that year was a true “learning experience”. My love for writing probably began in that Eighth Grade English Class. (I did not say that I am a good writer – just that I enjoy writing.)

The most difficult and challenging part of that class was READING ALOUD. I loved to read and I loved to write, but I hated to get in front of people and speak. Mrs. Kernaghan was also the Speech Teacher and she knew the importance of public speaking. Several times that year, we were required to read our essays to the class. I would take my paper in my trembling hands – sometimes with tears rolling down my cheeks – and I would read the essay. I wish I could say that by the end of that year, I was better; but I was still shaking, trembling, and crying at the end of that class. It wasn’t until I returned to College as an adult, that I learned to “give a speech” without crying. (I still tremble).

Many years later, my husband & I met Mrs. Kernaghan again. When Rex and I married, we moved to Alvin and attended First Baptist Church, Mrs. Kernaghan’s church. It was fun to become “adult friends” to a lady who had inspired your “teenage years”. Another interesting fact about our lives. Virginia and I were in the Church Choir together and later my daughter, Jennifer, and Mrs. Kernaghan’s granddaughter, Wendy, were in choir class together at AHS. Life continually brings us together with people we love.

MrsKernaghan2This photo to the left was taken at a recent Church Reunion. Mrs. Kernaghan is visiting with one of her students, Cheryl Griffin Hand. Cheryl remembers her days in the eighth grade English class and will always love the teacher who not only taught us English -- but taught us "to speak". You deserved an angel pin back in our junior high years!! We love you, Virginia Kernaghan!!!!! (And so does all of Alvin!!!)

The following are photos of Mrs Kernaghan with her family and her friends.VirginiaFamly120pc.jpg



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