Vera Aston's Angel Pin reminds us of her "Life of Giving"

I designed a very special angel pin in memory of Vera Ione Aston, my (Ruth Gentry's) mother. She probably taught me more than all my other teachers combined. Of all the lessons that I learned from her -- the greatest was that of love and of giving. After all, that is what love is -- giving!!!!thomisons01.jpg

My mother was one of six children. Her father died when the youngest, my Uncle Skete, was just a baby. This picture to the left is from left to right: Lora, Raymond or "Si", Jett, Vera, Mary Jo, and Skete. They were a family that worked hard. The girls had to work in the cotton fields along with the boys. My mom always told us that we missed a lot by not having to work picking cotton -- sore backs, bleeding fingers... and then she would laugh.


My parents had lost 2 babies before my older sister was born. You can see the happiness in my mom's eyes as she holds Judy, my older sister. She lost twins later before I was born. However the love that my parents had for each other weathered all the storms in their lives. It seemed that each trial just made them stronger.

I was diagnosed with polio when I was just a baby, so life for everyone in our family changed dramatically. However, my mom taught me that my "weak leg" did not make me "less" than anyone else in the world. When the children at school made fun of me, she taught me to always treat those "mean children" the way I wanted them to treat me. She told me that if I would continue to do that day after day -- their attitude would change. Most of the time it did work.

My mom led a Bible study for years in her home. When I grew up and moved away, I still came to them as often as possible. A lot of my friends would show up too. This photo is Robin, Mom, Verland, Rex, Me, and Bob. BibleStudy73.jpg
When I met my husband Rex he was working in an inner city Christian Mission that was helping young people who were struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. I had moved to Houston to work and my parents had 2 empty bedrooms. Rex asked my parents to open their home to four of these young men in their early 20's that he had been counseling. These boys needed to get away from the peer pressure and environment of the inner city. My mom and dad took them in, found them jobs, and eventually helped them find apartments and become self sufficient. Those young men were and still are considered part of our family.

I could probably write a book about times of "giving" in my mom's life. She was a great lady and that is why we chose this angel pin in her remembrance.

We will never forget you, Vera Ione Aston. You gave so much to all of us.

The Angel Pin for Vera Ione Aston

Angel-pin-oww-111.jpgPictured at the left is the Angel Pin that was created for Vera Ione Aston. We miss her so much!!! Mother was our mentor, our friend, our prayer Warrior, and most of all the one who "was always there" for all of us. I know Mother is home with the Lord now, but she also lives in our hearts and memories. We love you, Mom, and we will see you soon.

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