Sue Steik Receives a "Neighborhood Angel" Angel Pin

Rex and Ruth Gentry designed an angel pin especially for the Bella Vita Neighborhood "Angel". The angel pin that we created for her has a dichroic fused art glass face that is a rainbow of blue, green, and yellow gold. The gold is for Sue's heart and blue for her favorite color. Angels are Sue's favorite kind of jewelry. We were neighbors for almost 6 years. We have laughed, cried, and prayed together. We have "been silly", "acted crazy", and even helped Rex in a "Guitarzan" play. No one else could have worn that crazy, hot, rubber, gorilla mask!!! Sue is the greatest!!!

SuePeteCruise1.jpgSue Steik may be one of the youngest homeowners in the Retirement subdivision, but she is also the "Mother Hen" over everyone. When Sue moved into our community she was extremely busy with her 3 part time jobs and she was also in charge of the benevolence committee at her church. All of her activities did not keep her from getting involved with her new neighborhood. She had not lived there long until she had earned the title "Ticket Lady". She would not only sell tickets to events but she would also ride her bike over the neighborhood to deliver tickets. She is there to help people get to doctors' appointments, pick up groceries, run errands, etc. Sue Steik is a precious lady with a heart full of love. We may not be neighbors anymore, but she will always remain my "neighborhood angel".

Suesteikfamily.jpg.jpgSue and her husband Pete have two grown children: son Jeff and daughter Lisa who is married to Nathan. Pictured in the photo at the right is Nathan, Lisa, Jeff, Sue, and Pete.

EthanHelfer.jpgRecently our neighborhood angel has a new angel in her family. Her daughter Lisa made Pete and Sue grandparents for the first time. Ethan Blake Helfer is a little doll. This picture was taken when he was 8 weeks old. That tuxedo is adorable. And so is little Ethan.

SuePeteEthan.jpgYou can see in this photo to the right how proud the grandparents are of this sweet little boy. Sue always carries pictures of Ethan so all you have to do is ask and she will show you how cute he is.

An Angel Pin for Sue Steik

angelpin4Pictured at the left is the Angel that was created for Sue Steik. Sue is a true angel to everyone who knows her. She takes care of her neighbors, her family, and all of her friends. She is such a dear friend. God knew that I needed an angel in my life when I met Sue. Thank you, Sue, for being there to pray with me, laugh with me, and even cry at times with me. We love you and Pete. Let's get together soon and "Do the Twist". OK???

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