An Angel Pin for Sheila Cordova Follmar

Virginia Hollis Kernaghan gave an angel pin gift to her friend Sheila Cordova Follmar. Sheila has been an Angel in Virginia's life for a long time.

Sheila Cordova Follmar
by Virginia Hollis Kernaghan

SheilaCordovaFollmar.jpgSheila was my 7th grade student in speech and drama who won my heart with her beautiful smile and great attitude. She was a good student who wanted to do well and get my approval which she surely did. Later in life when I needed someone to clean my house for me when my husband was so ill, Sheila came to my rescue and has been with me once a week for about eight or ten years now. She takes care of my house like it was her own, making sure things are the way I like them and need them. Sheila has a ready smile for everyone, and is an accomplished decorator as well as an all round great friend.

At Christmas Sheila knows how I want my Christmas decorations and always knows where to find them when it is time to decorate. If I want to change colors in my rooms, she is ready to take on that task too, and I often ask her to do so. Sheila is my angel who goes above and beyond all challenges and expectations.

SheilaCordovaFollmarTable.jpgSheila has a gift for decorating my home and often changes out the color scheme and accessories in my china cabinet and on the tops of cabinets. She decorates my house for Christmas then willingly also packs things way for the next year. When it is party-time, she decorates the table with flowers and dishes.

Sheila shares her son with me, and often he runs by too to say hello. He was about 6 or 7 when she started working for me and he is now 17.

She has seen me through illness, daily trips to Houston for cancer treatment for my husband, then his death. I have seen her through her divorce, the death of one of her sons and then the death of her mother. Through it all she has remained cheerful, optimistic and determined in her Faith toward God. Sheila is truly one of God's Angels He has sent to me to make my life more pleasant and enjoyable.

The photos on this page are from Virginia Kernaghan's photograph albums of memories.SheilaCordovaFollmarGroup1.jpg


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