Sharon Dickerson Receives an "Angel Friend" Angel Pin

We designed an angel pin gift for a very special lady in Alvin, TX. Sharon and I attended the Alvin Schools from elementary through High School in the same time period. We had walked the school halls together, seen each other, but never had any classes together and never really knew each other.

Forty two years later, Rex had visited a little shop on Hwy 6 several times and had told me that I needed to stop and see the merchandise. With my busy schedule, that had not happened.

While planning a Christmas party for AHS Alumni, I was trying to locate a long list of people. I e-mailed this list to some friends and they told me that Mike and Sharon Dickerson owned "Earth Effects" -- the Shop on Hwy 6.

I finally made my way to that little shop and realized that I remembered Sharon from our AHS days. When I entered her shop she was on the phone helping to plan a charity fund raiser. The love and concern in her voice as she talked to family members let me know that this lady was very kind and caring. In the few minutes that we visited that afternoon, I knew that Sharon was an "angel friend". I could tell that she was someone who is more than just a "friendly person" (and she is a very friendly person), but she is a true friend to everyone.


Sharon's business keeps her busy. Rex was right about Earth Effects -- it has unique "treasures" at very affordable prices. Sharon is displaying some of these items in the photo above. She travels all over Mexico and the United States to find "treasures" to display and sell in her shop. But no matter how busy she is, Sharon is always looking for ways to help others. She has a heart of gold and is an inspiration to everyone who knows her. She is a member and past president of the Alvin Rotary Club.

Sharon-MikeThis is Sharon with her husband Mike Dickerson. Mike and Sharon love life and love each other. Of course their lives are centered around their family and their sweet grandchildren.

The photo on the left is Sharon's youngest granddaughter, Crista Goodridge, one year old. The photo on the right is Katelyn Goodridge. Sharon loves her grandchildren!!! Aren't they precious!!!

We love you, Sharon, and thank you for being such a dear friend to everyone.

An Angel Pin Designed for Sharon Dickerson

angelpin7Pictured at the left is the Angel Pin that was created for Sharon Dickerson. The dichroic angel face that I picked for Sharon is blue with glimmers of gold!! Sharon has become such a great friend. Her great sense of humor and her kindhearted generosity makes her a friend that is more precious than gold. Thank you, Sharon for all that you do. Love ya, girl!!!!

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