Sarah Barnett is honored with a Birthday Angel Pin

Rex and I (Ruth) honored Sarah Barnett with a Birthday Angel Pin. Sarah first entered our lives when our son was a baby. Sarah was the Sunday School Teacher in the Infant Department and cared for all the babies. She was such a delight to know and all the mothers were thrilled to have such a loving "young" mother to be in the nursery. Sarah and I talked often during the time that Jon was in her class. Rex and I were active in the Youth Department where her son Robbie was attending Youth Services. It was fun -- she cared for our baby and we "hung out" with her teenage son. Sarah's husband became very ill and she had to return to school. Soon she moved away and we lost our "connection".

However, four years ago Sarah moved into our neighborhood and we were able to "reconnect". It has been great to see her again. She is busy with her job at the Port of Houston. However, she always finds time for her son, daughter-in-law, and grandson Tyler, and all the great neighbors in Bella Vita. We are no longer neighbors, but we will stay in touch this time!!!

SarahKaySueSarah is always ready to lend a hand in the events at Bella Vita. This photo is a performance of "The Bugle Boy of Company B" starring Carl Weber, Sarah Barnett, Kay Simpson, and Sue Steik. Sarah, Sue, and another neighbor Rory Potter are often seen as "The Supremes". They always do a wonderful job. Rex and I will miss seeing all these great performances.

We love you, Sarah. Happy Birthday and many happy returns.

Angel Pin Designed for Sarah Barnett


Pictured at the left is the Angel gift with a dichroic angel face that was created for Sarah Barnett. Seeing Sarah again has brought back so many wonderful memories of our past. Sarah, thank you for being such a sweet angel to everyone you meet.

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