Rosa Viator Gets an Angel Pin from a friend

rosaviator1.jpgAngel Pins have always been one of our favorite and most popular gift items. When Rex and I realized that we were going to be moving about 70 miles away, we wanted to show our appreciation to a group of people that we have grown to love like family. We had a party at our house and gave each of the ladies an angel pin. We would like to tell you about Rosa Viator, and why we consider her to be an "angel".

RosaJerry.jpgI first saw Rosa Viator, her husband Jerry, and many of their friends at Crawdaddy's restaurant in Kemah, Texas. Several weeks later we saw some of this same group at T-Bone Tom's restaurant and later at Haak's Vineyard in Santa Fe. Yes, Rosa and her friends have great taste in music (and food) so we saw them often. We like to hear and dance to the music of Pee Wee Bowen Band, so we continued to see Rosa and Jerry and all their friends every time the band played. After several months of seeing them everywhere we went, we began to talk with them and sometimes join them at their table. Now we consider them to be very good friends. In fact, Rosa and some of her friends are now teaching us to "two-step". We are having so much fun and I have to admit that even though country music is not my favorite, I am beginning to enjoy it.

When Rosa and Jerry are not with friends, they love to spend time with family. They have 4 daughters: Pamela, Lisa, Jeri Sue, and Vickie. They also have 7 grandchildren and 5 GREAT grand children.

Pamela Galik, daughter.

Lisa has 2 children and 1 grand daughter
Christina Smithart,
Michael McMahon.......... Kirsten

Jeri Sue has 2 children and 4 grand children:
Rachael Daniels..........Madison , Dylan
Madison and Dylan with parents. Madison and Dylan on Mother's Day 2008

Rick Daniels ......Kaden, Breanna

Vicki Abernathie has 3 children and 2 grandchildren with one more on the way:
Casey Brown ........Blake & Ty
Jeremy Brown on the way
Jessica Abernathie

Jerry had retired and was "taking it easy" when he and their grandson decided to start a business. He is now the President of DC Electric Signs. You can find his website at Jerry is busier now than ever.

Rosa, thank you for your friendship, your love and your prayers. I am so glad that your are our friend.

The "Pasadena Angels" are pictured above. These are the ladies from the Pasadena High School Group. From left to right: Paula, Judy, Darlene, Bonnie, Billie, Emma, and Rosa. We love you ladies and you will always be our "angels". You can see why I wanted to give these ladies pins -- there smiles are as dazzling as our dichroic jewelry.

An Angel for Rosa Viator


Pictured at the left is the Angel Pin that was created for Rosa Viator. Rosa always has a cheerful smile and a kind word for everyone and for every situation. Rex and I are so glad to know our friends from Pasadena. You are the greatest

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