Retta Pollio Receives an Angel Pin

When I was thinking of my "Angel pin Friends", I knew that Retta had to be included. I do not know what I would have done without her in my life during the high school days. Retta moved to Alvin when we were in Junior High. She says she blew in after Hurricane Carla. We became friends almost “instantly”. Her quick wit and her sense of humor were and still are the things that everyone remembers most. Of course, those of us who know her well know that she can be very serious.

I could tell a lot of really cute and funny stories, but then I would be afraid that Retta might tell some about me. I will just tell you that Retta and I had lots of fun through high school. We laughed and joked together, but Retta was always the one I ran to when I had a problem. She would sometimes cry with me, but by the time our talk was over, we would both be laughing again.


Retta married Bill Pollio during her college years. Bill is a handsome, wonderful husband. Retta and Bill are in the photo at the left. What a cute couple they are!!!!! Both Retta and Bill have recently retired but you would never know it by the hectic schedule they keep. After college, Retta spent 37 years with students as a math teacher, counselor, and even today, a volleyball official. She has retired, but they just can’t live without her. She still works as a substitute teacher in math and special education. In addition to her work at school, Retta is a ministerial assistant at Alvin Lutheran Church. Bill and Retta also spend a lot of time RV’ing with friends. In fact, they are rarely at home these days. Retirees are always the busiest people on earth.


The photo above was taken at Kyle's Graduation from the University of Texas. Kris and his son Justin, Kyle, Bill and Retta. You can see from the smiles that it was a VERY HAPPY OCCASION!!!!

Retta’s children and grandchildren are the “Lights” of her life. Retta and Bill have 2 sons, Kris and Kyle. Kris is a chemist for Chevron and the father of Justin and step father of Madison and Haley.

Kyle is a graduate of UT and is currently at University of Illinois for master’s work in vocal opera performance and pedagogy. He has performed in Austria and Italy.

RettasKrisBrandi2.jpgRettasGkids2.jpgKris and Brandi to the left and Madison, Justin, and Haley are to the right


Retta and Kyle at Kyles Senior Recital at the University of Texas are on the left. Retta and Kyle in Germany are on the right. Look at those mountains -- they are almost in the clouds. Retta has a "phobia" of heights. Can you tell by the "nervous" smile on her face?????

Retta, we love you and thank you for always helping us to see the “HAPPY SIDE OF LIFE”!!!!

An Angel Pin for Retta Pollio

angelpin5Pictured at the left is the Angel Pin that was created for Retta Pollio. The sparkling dichroic angel face was made for her personality!!!! Retta and I were friends in high school. I am so glad that our paths have crossed once more!!! We have a lot in common!!! We love to eat out -- we love parties -- we love to laugh!!! Hey -- that's what we did in high school too!!! Love ya Retta. Thanks for helping us see the "silver lining" in the cloudy sky.

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