An Angel Pin for Rae Longest

Virginia Kernaghan gave an Angel Pin to her friend Rae Longest.

Rae Longest
by Virginia Hollis Kernaghan

RaeLongest1.jpgRae is a gifted, talented, creative friend whom I have known and admired for a number of years. She teaches at University of Houston. When I met Rae she taught school at the same school I did and always made me feel welcome in her presence. At one time, I had first period for a conference time and often, I would drink a TAB for a quick pick-me-up for I do not like coffee. When I was rehearsing with students for a Talent Show, Rae knew that I did not have time to go get my morning TAB, so she brought one to me in the Gym where rehearsals were in full swing...What fun...and such a treat.

During the summer one year, my granddaughter Brandy while in Jr. High, took a summer reading class from Rae at the local college, and Rae encouraged her to read more. Rae's encouragement and the class sessions helped Brandy all through school. I always appreciated that.

My daughter Susan also enjoyed knowing Rae and often served her coffee when Rae came in the shop where Susan worked. Later when Susan had a wreck, Rae sent her cards of encouragement and later came to Susan's wedding.

Rae often comes over to share cards and stamps with me for she knows I send many cards to shut-ins and she likes to help with my projects. Rae is my friend, and I consider her my angel as well.

The photos on this page came from Virginia Kernaghan's photograph albums of memories.



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