An Angel Pin for Peter Howard Ney

Virginia Kernaghan gave an angel pin tie tack to Peter Howard Ney, her step-son and an "Angel" in her life.

Peter Howard Ney
by Virginia Hollis Kernaghan

PeterHowardNey.jpgEven though Peter is my step-son, I did not meet him until he was a grown man with a wife and daughter of his own. He is a half brother to my daughter. They had the same father but different mothers. For about a year, we corresponded via mail, then they came over to visit us from England where he grew up. We loved them immediately although I was no longer married to his dad.

About a year later they came over again to visit us, then we began proceedings to help him obtain American citizenship. It was a joyous occasion when that application was completed, and he became an American with dual citizenship including his English one. Peter and his wife Jo lived in our town for three years where they were woven into our lives as surely as if they had always been with us. We learned to love them and they us. Although they moved back to England after Peter had a heart attack, we still miss them and love them for they became family to all of us. He is the son I always wished for, and as surely an angel to me as if he had been born to me.

The photos on this page are from Virginia Kernaghan's photograph albums of memories.



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