Ondrea Michelle Russell Castro is honored with a Christmas Angel Pin

Donna S Ireland Russell gave an angel pin to her daughter Ondrea Michelle Russell Castro. Below is the angel story that Donna wrote for Michelle.

Ondrea Michelle Russell Castro
by Donna S Ireland Russell (her Mom)

OndreaMichelle1.jpgOndrea Michelle Russell Castro was born on September 16th at Galveston County Hospital in Texas City to Donna S Ireland Russell and Marcus Dean Russell of Alvin, Texas. I too was told it was not my time to have a child but God answered my prayer and I had you. You were the oldest of three, with a brother to follow almost three days from being three years later and then a sister 6 ½ years after that. Ondrea goes by “Michelle” in which she was named after a mutual favorite teacher at AHS.



Michelle was my blessing; she always went over the expected and strived to be the best at everything she set out to do. She had awards when she was in grade school and it continued through her years in AHS. She was in band and other activities. She was always looking out for her brother and sister and they have become so close today. Michelle graduated from AHS with honors and continued to graduate from ACC and moved on to another chapter in her life.

OndreaMichelle5.jpgShe went on to work in the public as most people’s favorite managers and she continued to do the best at whatever she set out to do. She has had a roller coaster ride of a life but always held to her raisings and Christian standards. She met her significant other, Tony in Abilene and he came to Alvin and made her his wife and became another special person in our family. We had a miracle when Michelle became the mother of a wonderful beautiful baby girl which made her mommy’s world when she was born. Once again God proved He is the one in control of our lives even when others say it is impossible to have a child.

Michelle is one of the finest Christian women I know in which she has such a giving heart of gold even to those who do her wrong. She is one of the greatest blessings a mother could ever ask for. This angel is for my angel, may it be a reminder that to you Michelle that your mom is still praying protection and love for you every single day of your life.


May the Lord watch over you while we are absent one from another….Love you mom.