Nina Kay Ireland Barnett is honored with a Christmas Angel Pin

Donna S Ireland Russell gave an angel pin to her twin sister Nina Kay Ireland Barnett. Below is the angel story that Donna wrote for her sister Nina.

Nina Kay Ireland Barnett
by Donna S Ireland Russell (Her Twin)


Nina Kay Ireland Barnett was born June 13, 1956 at Galveston Memorial Hospital in Lamarque, TX to Shirley Marie Nugent Ireland and John Ireland along with her Identical twin sister 3 minutes after she was born. Nina was always a leader but one that was silent most of the time but as twins we always knew what each other wanted without saying a word. They say we are as different as night and day today but there was a time we looked and acted like each other so that no one but my mother and brother could tell us apart.


Everyone said Nina was the shy one but if anyone knew her as well as I did always knew who the boss and leader was. She had mischievousness in her that no one caught until caught by surprise. Nina always was there when I got picked on (unless she was the one doing it) and never would let me stay negative in anything for long. I remember her for hours brushing and styling my hair when I was upset and I in turn would rub her back or tickle her foot. If only it was that easy today huh?

Nina has always been my best of friends. Don’t get me wrong…we fought just like any other sister did but we had this special bond no one could imagine unless they were a twin. Nina kind of grew up in the background of things because my brother and I were active in so many things like choir, drama and others but she had her special talent of art which brought not only her pleasure but others as well.


Nina and I graduated together but not exactly side by side but we were side by side in spirit. I went on with my life separate from her when I got married but we always talked every day. There was a time we just lived within a few miles of each other and other times when she was far away but we still kept connected. She was blessed by God when he brought her to a special time to meet a special man and at her work at that. Jim Barnett came into her life and made her life special. I always thought she thought when I got married she and I kind of lost that special connection with each other but we didn’t.


Nina’s happiness just brought even a stronger sense of happiness to me and I can not tell you how much of an angel she is to me. Nina, “You are the Wind Beneath my Wings” girl. May you always know how much you mean to me and if you left this earth before me I would never be the same without you. Thank you God for this special angel...SP