An Angel Pin for Maxine Marshall

Michael Spinks gave an angel pin to his friend Maxine Marshall.

Maxine Marshall
by Michael Spinks

spinks4.jpgMaxine Marshall has been Michael Spinks' friend for many years. She loves her family and her 9 grandchildren. In fact, her grandchildren are the "lights" of her world. Maxine also enjoys playing Bingo and Cards with her friends. She loves life and always has a smile for everyone she meets.

When Michael learned that she had breast cancer, he gave her this gift with a dichroic angel face. This little pin will be a constant reminder of Michael's friendship and prayers for her. As he gave her the pin, he told her "Never give up."

Michael had heard about a man who had cancer and his doctor had only given him 3 months to live. However, this man did not give up. He asked everyone he knew to pray. His friends began prayer chains all around the world. He went back to see the doctor 18 months later and the doctor was amazed that he was cancer free. We will not give up and Maxine is a Breast Cancer Survivor who also knows the power of prayer. spinks3.jpg

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