Linda Turrentine Moore Receives Angel Pin from Childhood Friend

LindaMooreRebekah.jpgI designed an angel pin gift for Linda Turrentine Moore because she has been an angel in my life longer than anyone (that is not related to me). This photo to the right is Linda and her granddaughter, Rebekah. Linda's very favorite thing to do is LOVE THOSE GRANDCHILDREN!!!!

I first met Linda Turrentine in elementary school. I had just moved from Oklahoma in the middle of the school year and missed my grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins so very much. I can remember visiting with Linda on the playground. She would often talk about her grandmother and she would let me talk about mine. When Linda was young, she lived with her father and her grandmother. Although I never met Linda’s grandmother, I always felt as if I knew her.

In Junior High Linda and I became friends — best friends. When Linda moved to Dickinson for a brief time and we continued to visit and keep in touch. We both learned a lot from Linda’s stepsisters. We learned how to sneak out without being heard and how to TP a house (really 2 houses) and sneak back in undetected. Oh, the high school years were exciting.

Linda was the one who always helped me plan the parties at my house. It seemed that we would have a party one day and begin planning another the next day. We looked for holidays and occasions to celebrate. Linda was like a sister to me. One summer she went on vacation with us to the Hill Country. That was such a fun time.

Linda moved to College Station before we graduated and I missed her. However, we have continued to stay in touch – with e-mail it is easy to stay connected to friends.

LindaGary.jpgLinda married her high school sweetheart, Gary Moore and they have 2 wonderful children, David and Cherie. They own Scripture Haven, a Christian Bookstore in College Station. They are extremely busy at the store, going to grandchildren's events, and church activities. However, no matter how busy Linda and Gary may be, they always have time for family and friends.

LindaTMoore-gkids.jpg The photo at the right are the Moore's GRANDchildren. And believe me -- they are Wonderful!!!! Matthew (David's son), Ryan & Rebekah (Cherie's) and Mitchell (David's youngest). This photo was taken in March 2008 celebrating Ryan's 14th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!!!!

LindaMooreRuth.jpg Linda and I always have so much fun getting together. It doesn't happen often because of our hectic schedules. When we are able to make connections, Linda and I can talk for hours!!! (NON STOP)
Rex and I are so thankful for Linda and Gary. Linda, you are an angel to me and I am so glad that, even though we are miles apart, we are still friends.

An Angel Pin for Linda Moore

Angel-Pin-small-lacey-083.jpgPictured at the left is the Angel Pin that was created for Linda Moore. The sparkle in the dichroic angel face matches the sparkle in her eyes. Linda has been my friend since childhood. She has been and continues to be one of my prayer partners. I appreciate her more than she will ever know. Thank you, Linda, for being such a great Christian friend and an Angel in my life.

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