An angel pin for Karen Drake

Kuwait2Rex and I designed an angel pin with a dichroic angel face for Karen Drake, a very special friend. I will never forget the first time we met Gerald and Karen. We had learned a few months earlier that we would be going to Kuwait for two years and we had all gathered in Houston for "Cultural Training". My emotions had been on a roller coaster for several months (and remained that way the whole time we were in Kuwait). However, the minute I met Karen, I could tell that I had found a friend.

Karendrakeowens2The photo to the right Staci Drake, Sarah Owens, Marty Owens, Janet Owens, Karen Drake, and Gerald Drake. This was taken at the Space Needle at Entertainment City in Kuwait.

Our 2 year stay in Kuwait was filled with good and bad experiences. We all had "trials" to deal with while we were overseas. Some of us had parents who needed our help, some of us worried about children who were attending college in the States, and some were sick and trying to find health care while in Kuwait. Some of us at some point, had to deal with all of those and more while we were gone. Even with all the "trials" that we were dealing with everyday, we knew that we had each other -- and that was very important. Karen was one friend that would always be there when you needed her. She was always the one who could turn a sad day around with one of her many funny stories -- too many to tell in this short space. However, if you know Karen ask her about the man in the grocery store.......

When we returned home, my mom's condition was far worse than we had even imagined. Karen and Gerald Drake went to Malaysia and we stayed in touch "now and then". However, our paths have crossed again and we are so grateful for another opportunity to visit with such great people. Rex and Gerald have both been transfered to Lake Jackson now and we will be able to visit more than ever.

Karendrakegirls4Karen and Gerald have two beautiful daughters. Holly is the oldest and she recently got married. Holly is a medical student beginning her residency in Tulsa soon. Staci will be graduating from college in May, 2008.

Karen, you were an angel in my life in Kuwait and I am glad that we are back in the same town again. We love you and no matter how far away we may move, we will stay in touch. E-mail is wonderful!!!! Think of us when you wear your angel pin.

An Angel Pin Designed for Karen Drake

angel-pin-bwl-090Pictured at the left is the Angel Pin gift that was created for Karen Drake. Karen and her family are very special to us. They were part of our lives through a very difficult time. We are glad we have a chance to fellowship again under more pleasant conditions.

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