Judy Whitehead Gets an
Angel Pin from Her Sister

The angel pin that I designed for Judy Whitehead is special because she is special -- she is my sister!!!!! (Of course the dichroic angel faces on our pins make them all special!!) Judy was and still is 6 years older than me. JudyRuth1a It really doesn't matter so much now, but it did when we were growing up. You can tell by the photo on the right that I thought Judy was the greatest. Because she was older, I just couldn't wait to be "just like her".

We shared a room and that is difficult no matter what the age difference. Sharing a room with me had to be terrible. I developed a love for records at a VERY YOUNG AGE!!!! That is not a bad thing. However playing records and dancing while Judy was trying to study was not a kind, sisterly thing to do.

There were lots of other things that I did to annoy Judy. I remember "borrowing" her make-up - not a good thing to do. After a stern punishment, my mother quickly purchased me my own tinted "chap-stick" (a fitting substitute for an 8 year old). I loved for Judy to invite her friends over to visit. Of course, I thought they were there to see me too!!!!!! I admired all of her friends and could not wait until I was "all grown up" just like them.

collegesweetheartsThe photo to the right:"College Sweethearts" Ruth Ann Duplantis, Glenn Hamm and Judy Aston and Richard (Dickie) Whitehead. This photo was taken in 1961 or 1962 while they were attending Alvin "Junior" College. Back in those days, the college was located next door to the high school.
RichardJudyJudy married her "high school and college sweetheart" Richard Whitehead. Richard was in the service and was stationed in Turkey for a while. This photo was taken at Christmas time while they were in Turkey. That was a very memorable experience.

I guess Judy and I are both "all grown up" now. I am so glad that my sister was very patient through all those childhood years. As we grew older, we learned how to be more than just sisters -- we learned to be best friends. Judy was a single mom for several years. I know those years were hard for her, but she was strong. David was so VERY CUTE (and he still is)!!! I was 17 almost 18 when David was born. Instead of rocking him, I would dance with him. Instead of a lull-a-bye, I would sing a Beatles tune. Well, it didn't seem to damage him!!!! It may have inspired that gift of music that he has????

Judy now lives in East Texas with her husband Richard. Their son David and his wife Renata live in a town nearby. Judy has 3 grandchildren and they are the center of her world. Judy retired from the County, but continues to work there part time. When she is not at work, she spends time with her youngest grandchildren.

Judy, thank you for being more than a sister to me. Wish we could be together more often, but you are always in my heart.

An angel pin for Judy Whitehead


Pictured at the left is the Angel Pin that was created for Judy Whitehead. Judy is a sweet lady who cares for her family. She gives of her time and energy to take care of everyone else. We love you, Judy!!! You are our ANGEL!!!

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