An Angel Pin for Jo Patton Ney

Virginia Kernaghan gave Jo Patton Ney an angel pin gift. Jo is an angel in Virginia's life.

Jo Patton Ney
by Virginia Hollis Kernaghan

JoPattonNey.jpgJo is married to my step-son Peter Ney. Jo was born in Ireland, but moved to England when she was about 15. Later, she met and married Peter who is my daughter Susan's half brother. A number of years ago, they came to visit us in Texas, then later they moved to our town from England where they lived in an apartment close to us for three years. During this time I learned to love both Jo and Peter. During the time they lived in Texas, I called them my Master Gardeners for they took over the care of my flower beds and kept them looking beautiful for me to enjoy. Many of the plants she planted in my flowerbeds while they lived in our town are still thriving and blooming profusely. I am reminded of Jo every time I look at all of my beautiful flowers.

Although Jo was new to all of us, she quickly became my angel and one of the family. She endeared herself to all of us with her quick wit, loving ways and ready smile.

The photos on this page are from Virginia Kernaghan's photograph albums of memories.



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