An Angel Pin for our Daughter, Jennifer Gentry

The Angel Pin that Jennifer Michelle Gentry chose has a sparkling transparent light blue dichroic face. Perfect for our jewelry making daughter, Jennifer. RRJennifer6mo1.jpgRex and I had prayed for years for a baby; and how thrilled we were to learn that God had answered that prayer. The day she was born was so very special. It was a very small hospital and no babies were in the nursery that day -- so there were no nurses on duty. While we waited for the "Baby Nurse" to arrive, Jennifer stayed with us in the Delivery Room. We held her and talked to her. We sang to her and told her how much we loved her. She was and still is the "Light" of our lives.

Jennifer has always loved music and dancing. Before she could even talk well, she was singing "You are my Sunshine". When she was 3 years old, her preschool had a Christmas play. The younger children were supposed to come into the gym, walk around once and then sit down. Jennifer, followed the cue of the teachers, but then a few minutes later got up and began to dance around the gym. It was very crowded and I was "trapped" in the audience. Finally one of the teachers took her by the hand and led her to her class. Jennifer12.jpg

Jennifer loved school and has always been a good student. Like all high school students, Jennifer's favorite past time was spending time with her friends. I think the hardest thing that ever happened to her was when our family moved to Kuwait the summer before her senior year of high school. It was a difficult time for all of us, but within six months, we all realized that the move was not a bad thing. We were able to take some exciting trips to Egypt, England, France, Italy, Dubai, Amsterdam, and tour Europe on the Euro-rail. The hardest thing for me was bringing Jennifer back to the States for a year while we returned to Kuwait. That year without her was the worst year of my life.

Jennifer07.jpgJennifersSweater.jpgJennifer is "grown-up" now and working at the MD Anderson Hospital. She loves the people she works with, has a great group of friends, and loves life. She is a very talented young lady. She enjoys crafts of all kinds and one of her favorite things to do in her "spare time" is knitting. Above is one of her latest creations. Jennifer brings a lot of "sparkle" into our lives and I hope that her angel pin will add "sparkle" to hers. We love you, Jennifer.

An Angel Pin for Jennifer Gentry


Pictured at the left is the Angel Pin that was chosen by Jennifer Gentry. Jennifer has been our little angel since before she was born. Keep smiling and singing "You Are My Sunshine".

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