An Angel Pin for Jennene Marie Ellis Russell

Jennene Russell was given an Angel pin from her mother-in-love Donna S Ireland Russell. Below is the story that Donna wrote for Jennene.

Jennene Marie Ellis Russell
by Donna S Ireland Russell (Mother-in-Love)


Jennene Ellis Russell was born in Salt Lake City Utah at her grandmother’s house to Denise Black and Terry Ellis. She came to Alvin with her mother, her sister Charice and her brother Mitchell. I really do not know much about her growing up but since she came into our lives, she has been such a blessing to the Russell family. I do know she likes to draw, write, sing, and dance. Her favorite color is blue and she loves dolphins. Robert left football to join the AHS choir where he met Jennene and they began there lives together.


Anyone who can find a special place in Robby’s dad’s heart has to be a very special person. Jennene says one of her best memories is, “Walking through her old neighborhoods with Robby, her sister and brother looking at Christmas lights”.


Jennene has become such a blessing to our family. She is always right beside Robby when he is working on projects and cars helping.


She doesn’t mind getting dirty and never minds the hard work. She even moves furniture right there along the big guys nothing saying she can’t do the job because she is a woman. And watch out her father-in-law provided that girl with six knives and she does know how to use them. We have had a few girls day out and we have had such an adventure with Jennene.



Jennene and Robby were married September 20 three days after the evacuation during Hurricane Ike with one of the best weddings planned in less than a week. The wedding was beautiful and Jennene’s father and family from Utah actually flew in to celebrate this joyous day.


I nagged this couple like crazy about having children. Well after his two sisters’ beat him at that feat, Mark and I was blessed with a beautiful granddaughter, Rhiannon Kay Russell on October 25, 2011. God not only blessed me with a wonderful daughter-in-law but also blessed me with what I consider another daughter because she has blended into the Russell despite our craziness and she can keep up with the best of us.


I pray that you will know I have prayed for Robby ever since the day he was born and when you were added into the family I did the same for you but most of all remember I will pray protection and blessings for Rhiannon her precious parents. You are an angel girl, and know I am here for you and I love you.