An Angel Pin for Gary Moore

Virginia Kernaghan gave an angel pin tie tack to Gary Moore because he is an "Angel" in her life.

Gary Moore
by Virginia Kernaghan

GaryMoore.jpgGary is the best actor I ever taught in 9th grade. Not only could he act, but he participated in life as well as in acting. He is a quick study who loves to interpret scripts to encourage and enlighten other people. At Tournaments he could remember every word of a script although he only heard someone else perform it when he had never seen it written down.

At one time in his life when he needed a place to live, my husband and I wanted to adopt Gary. It did not work out, but he has remained a true friend all these years, always remembering how much we love him. He is a wonderful Christian layman who loves God and his family and friends. He goes out of his way to help other people, especially his grandchildren when they need a coach or just someone to be with. He married another of my former students who also is my angel Linda. They are family because God let us choose each other.

The photos on this page are from Virginia Kernaghan's photograph albums of memories.




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