An Angel Pin for Donna Russell

Michelle and Cherlynn Russell picked out an angel pin with a dichroic angel face for their mother, Donna Russell. They wanted the world to know how much they love Donna and the following is Michelle's loving "Thank you" to her mother.

To My Mother, Donna Ireland Russell
by Michelle Russell


Donna S. Ireland born June 13, ??? to Shirley Marie Nugent Ireland and John Ireland. The youngest of a set of Identical Twins.

Donna-cycle.jpgShe was raised in a military home and they finally settled from a small town in Virgina to Alvin, TX. where the 3 Ireland children, John Daniel, Nina, and Donna attended Alvin High School. Donna married her High School Sweetheart, Marcus Dean Russell, and they have been married for 33 years.

Donna-cat.jpgDonna is a wonderful loving mother of 3 children. She is the most selfless person I know. Always giving without asking for anything in return and never turning down an offer to help when she can. As a devoted Christian woman, there is always love in her eyes and warm arms wide open. She always knows when to provide that comforting hug and to wipe away the tears. She never judges your downfall but tries to lead you in the right direction.

Donna-water.jpgShe never meets a stranger where ever she goes. She loves to talk, but always knows when to give that listening ear. She takes pride in her children's accomplishments, above her own. She is a teacher at heart, with a love for children. If you ever have to time to talk to her, you can see the goodness, the compassion, and the love this wonderful woman has to offer.

I am so glad that she is MY MOTHER!!!!

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