An Angel Pin for Donna Baskin

Virginia Hollis Kernaghan honored Donna Baskin with an Angel Pin gift. Donna is a special "Angel" in Virginia's Life.

Donna Baskin
by Virginia Hollis Kernaghan

Donna is the age of my daughter Susan...and she is my sister's daughter whom they adopted, and my Angel. When she was just six years old, she had to take responsibility for her three younger sisters for their mother was away at the time. Donna is my niece's child, adopted by another sister of mine. She has an innate love of beautiful music and a jest for life. She inherited a God-given beautiful voice which she uses to the glory of God in church and on programs and at weddings.

Donna has my unconditional love. I was present at the hospital when she was born, and have had a love for her ever since that time. AND the feeling seems to be mutual. She is a choir teacher and plays piano beautifully as well on programs and at church. She finished college after she already had three children two of whom are also working in public school music programs. One of them is a choir director and the other a band director. The third child also is a teacher's assistant in public school.

Donna promotes music ability in other people often taking students to State Meets where they win numerous awards. Her programs in school are beautiful productions of Broadway Musicals. Donna makes many of the costumes herself, spending many hours after rehearsals on the sewing machine or in the fabric stores choosing just the right material. Donna also is a flower arranger as well as a floral judge. Even though she is a very busy person, she often calls me or comes to visit because she knows it pleases me greatly. This makes her my Angel.

The following photos are from Virginia Kernaghan's photograph albums of memories.



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