How to Make Angel Pin Dichroic Faces

This page will show you two different ways to make the angel pin faces. Some of you are just beginning in the world of glass fusing and you have only the basic glass cutter available. Others of you have a glass saw and can use it to cut a "Slab" of fused glass in the small pieces and then refire. Pick the method that you need and have fun making the sparkling, dazzling angel faces. If you have questions or comments, just click "Contact Us" button on the left.

Making Angel Faces Using the Basic Glass Cutter

Because of the varying sizes of angel pins, the dichroic angel faces that you make will also vary in size. The most common sizes are from ¼” to ½”.

  • First cut the glass. Be sure and read the Art Glass Safety Page before beginning to cut glass for the first time. If you decide on a clear cover for your finished angel pin face, then cut it a TINY bit bigger than the base and dichroic pieces. I usually make several angel faces at a time of various sizes -- the extras can be used later.

  • Layer the glass on the prepared kiln shelf checking that the edges of the glass line up evenly. Make sure that the kiln is plugged in. If you are a newcomer to the world of “fused glass” you need to first read our “General Fused Glass Instructions”.

  • Keep in mind the slow ramp (rise in temperature) and the target temperature followed by a slow cooling time. If you have a programmable kiln, program your kiln for the project and turn the kiln on.

  • Remember that patience is important and do not open the kiln too early.

  • When the angel faces have cooled to room temperature, take them out of the kiln.

  • Using a strong industrial strength or a 2 part epoxy glue, apply the angel faces to the angel bodies that you have built. (We suggest E-6000 glue – it works better than anything else we have tried.)

  • Pick out a bow (optional) and halo and glue them to the face.

  • Pick out any extras – hearts, cowboy boots under the skirt, etc. and apply them.

Making Angel Faces Using a Saw

When you have invested in a glass saw or diamond blade tile cutter, the dichroic angel faces become much easier to make. If you have cut the glass and put it into the kiln in small pieces, you know how difficult it can be. The pieces "slip and slide" all over the kiln. Instead try this procedure.

  • Cut pieces of glass that will be easy to move to the kiln. (We suggest at least 2 inch square or larger).

  • Layer them in the kiln and follow the directions above for firing.

  • After the "slab" comes out of the kiln, cut the pieces you need for the angel faces.

  • You will then fire the pieces again. You may fire polish for a "square" look or full fuse for a "rounded" look. We suggest the full fuse for angel faces.

    We hope that you will have fun in all of your art glass fusing and jewelry making.

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