An Angel Pin for Dianne Morris Poole

When we began this Angel pin story page, I knew that Dianne Morris Poole would have to be included. I will never forget meeting Dianne Morris in Mrs. Green’s 6th Grade Classroom. We became friends at once and before long we were doing everything together. Our families even began to attend the same church. Dianne’s parents, Oscar and Tommie, were wonderful and let me “hang out” at their house a lot. My life in the “country” was pretty boring – we could never just decide to “walk to the store” or “walk to the movies”. However, Dianne’s family lived “in town” and we were able to walk to the movies and then to the drug store for a soda. And we did just that – and we did it very often!!! We probably saw every movie that came to town.

Dianne’s family was always doing fun things and they often invited me to come along. My favorite trip with them was a day at the beach in Galveston. Phillip, Dianne’s younger brother became the “little brother I never had”. I am afraid that Dianne and I would “pick on him” sometimes, but he eventually forgave us. He was and still is a sweetheart!!!! Dianne keeps me posted on Phillip. He lives and works (an engineer) in Amarillo with his wife. They have 2 daughters and two granddaughters who live nearby. Dianne calls him her “hard-headed brother” but she is so proud of him. She told me, “He is a genius, I think!!!” (Philip probably deserves an angel pin for putting up with me and Dianne.)

Even though, we did not have many classes together in high school and did not see each other as often, Dianne and I remained friends. Our paths have crossed several times through our lives and it always seems like old times when we get together. Dianne has 3 boys Jason, Eric, and David. She also has 4 grandchildren David (Davy), Kyle, Laura, and Erin.

Dianne has recently retired from the AISD where she taught primary-elementary children for 22 years and was a Dyslexia Therapist for 8 years. She loves retirement. It is giving her more time to be with her family and do the things she enjoys. Her church activities keep her busy. She teaches the children’s choirs, sings in the worship choir and participates in the bell choir. In addition to all this she loves to paint and do crafts of all kinds. Dianne says, “We stay so busy, we wonder how we made time for work.”

Dianne, enjoy your angel pin. I love you!!!

An Angel Pin for Dianne Poole

angel-pin-bwl-093Pictured at the left is the Angel with a dichroic angel face that was created for Dianne Poole. Dianne has been a friend since we were in the 6th grade and I love her dearly. She was an angel to my whole family as a child and now to both Rex and to me. We love you, Dianne!!!

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