Diana Cates' Angel Pin Says "Happy Birthday" to a Great Friend


Rex and I (Ruth) designed an angel pin for Diana Cates to celebrate her birthday. Diana and Jim are very special friends -- we always have fun when the Cates are with us.

I have known Diana since Junior High. I remember that we were in the same English Class in Junior High. Our teacher taught English and Speech and she thought that every student should learn to speak before a group. Diana and I were both "petrified" every time we were required to read our essays aloud. We often talked about our mutual "fear".

In high school, Diana and I no longer had classes together and very seldom saw each other. However, at each reunion, we would always chat for a few minutes.

Recently, we have "reconnected" and are having so much fun. Jim, Diana, Rex, and I all love the old Rock and Roll music and we love to DANCE!!!

Dianacates1.jpgDiana and Jim have been married 40 years on May 25, 2008. They have two children (Stacy – 34 years old and Ross – 30 years old). Their 3 grandchildren are delightful. Diana has been quoted as saying, "I know I don’t need to tell anyone because you probably already know, but grandchildren are WONDERFUL!"

Diana loves doing things with the family – Lake Sam Rayburn is one of our favorite “family” places.

Diana's job with an aviation company keeps her busy through the week, and she loves all the people there......great job, great friends, great family!

Life is good! We love you Diana!!!! Happy Birthday and many happy returns!!

Angel Pin Designed for Diana Cates


Pictured at the left is the Angel with a dichroic angel face that was created for Diana Cates. This was a birthday gift for Diana. We love you, Diana!!! Hope we are around to celebrate a lot more birthdays together!!!!

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