An Angel Pin for Debbie Oliver

Virginia Kernaghan gave an Angel pin gift to Debbie Oliver. Debbie is an Angel in her life.

Debbie Oliver
by Virginia Hollis Kernaghan

DebbieOliver.jpgI first met Debhie at church when she sang in the Choir. As a young Christian woman she was interested in young people and she often invited my granddaughter Wendy to go to lunch with her when John was away on business. That endeared her to my heart, and even after she moved away, she often sent me e-mail so I would know of her work or other plans, and travels. Debbie loves playing golf and often she wrote me about golf tournaments and meets which she attended or played in. She has a natural writing ability and enjoys making other people happy. Debbie's smile endears her to many people.

Years after I first met Debbie, she still continues to write me e-mail for she knows I love her a lot and enjoy seeing her happy. Her visits seem like visits from one of my children, and Debbie is an Angel who indeed has endeared herself to my heart. For the last few years, she has worked in the ER in a hospital in Ft. Worth, and often she writes me about her work there. Not only is she my Angel but she also is an angel to many other sick people.

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