An Angel Pin for Cheryl Griffin Waters

Rex and I designed an angel pin with a dichroic angel face for our friend Cheryl Waters. When Cheryl and I were in the third grade, Cheryl was one of the first children that I met. I entered third grade in the middle of the school year and was so lonely and sad that we had left Oklahoma. Mrs. Gregg and her third grade class helped me to "adjust" to my new TEXAS home.

Of course, as a third grader, I did not realize how much of an impact Cheryl would make on my life in our future. Cheryl and I were in a few of the same classes through our "school days". Cheryl was always a lot of fun and I can remember that we laughed a lot during those times. We had a lot in common. Her father was a welder, mine was a pipe fitter and they often worked on the same jobs. Cheryl and I took Secretarial Science Classes at the Community College after high school. Yes, our paths crossed a lot during those years.

About six years later, Rex and I married and lived in Houston for a while. We continued to visit Alvin to see my parents. Rex had always lived in larger cities and loved the "small town" atmosphere of my home town. Within a year after our marriage, we moved to Alvin. It was there that Cheryl "re-entered" my life. We joined a "young marrieds" Sunday School Class. It was such a fun group of people and most of us had been at AHS during the same time. Cheryl and her husband David Waters were a part of the class. It was great to visit with her again. Her laughter was contagious and reminded me of "times gone by". Cheryl and David were a precious couple who were very much in love. That group of "newlyweds" continued to get together even after many of us had moved away. Friendships were formed in that classroom that will never die.

Cheryl and David moved to the hill country. It was there that David was diagnosed with cancer and died in 1993. Cheryl is a tiny, petite lady, but she knew the strength of the Lord during that difficult time in her life.


This picture was taken on David and Cheryl's 25th Anniversary. It was a great celebration where they renewed their wedding vows. Their pastor who performed the first ceremony traveled to the hill country to renew the vows and help them celebrate their love and marriage. It was a wonderful day. Shannon played the flute and Carrie sang. Their friends and family came to help them celebrate. Cheryl told me that, "It was the best day ever though little did we know David would be gone just a year later."


Rex and I recently saw Cheryl at a Church Reunion in Alvin. The photo above are some of our classmates at AHS and some attended our "newly-wed" Sunday School Class "Many Years Ago". Left to right are: Philip Winget, Margie Winget, Cheryl Waters, Linda Gober, Cheryl Yount, Johnnie Wofford, Patricia Newton, Martha Camp, Bill Wofford, Dale Camp, Ruth Gentry, and Rex Gentry. Aren't we a great looking group!!!!! We need to keep the reunions going.

Left to right in the photo above:Cheryl Yount, Linda Gober, Cheryl Waters, and Margie Winget. These girls have been best friends since childhood. They are beautiful ladies aren't they!!!! Hey, I know them and I can say that they are as beautiful inside as out. We love you ladies!!!! Let's continue to have these reunions!!!!

An Angel Pin for Cheryl Griffin Waters


Pictured at the left is the Angel Pin that was chosen by Cheryl Griffin Waters. It seems to match her personality. The silver and gold parts make this angel pin able to go with any accessories that you may have. Cheryl, we love you and hope you enjoy your angel gift for many years.

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