Cherlynn Kay Russell Besherse receives a Christmas Angel Pin

Cherlynn Kay Russell Besherse receives a Christmas Angel pin from her mother, Donna S Ireland Russell. Below is the angel story that Donna wrote about her daughter, Cherlynn.

Cherlynn Kay Russell Besherse
by Donna S Ireland Russell


Cherlynn Kay Russell was born April 15, 1987 to Marcus D. Russell and Donna S. Ireland Russell at Clear Lake Regional in Webster, Texas. She is the youngest of three siblings, Michelle being her sister and Robert her brother.


This curly lock blondie was born to know how to be cute and witty. When she wanted her way, she just ducked her head and then looked up with sad puppy dog eyes, in which most of the time it worked.


As a little girl she loved her books and her favorite yellow blanket and most of the time when going anywhere she had both tucked under her arms. She was a momma’s girl and could say something so funny that it would even catch her daddy by surprise.


Cherlynn was active in softball and band. She excelled in school and enjoyed photographing and writing. She suffered the loss of a very good friend and it changed her world. She learned that the Lord can get you through the worst loss and bring you to a learning stage in life. She graduated from AHS and gave a week notice that she was going to leave to go to Abilene to ACU to major in Youth Ministry and Business. Her life away from home for the first time was worse on her folks than her. She met her significant other in Abilene and he came back to her home town to make Alvin his home.


Cherlynn began a new role in her life when she became the mother of a beautiful son Briley in May 17 of 2010. They became a happy family of three and made us grandparents for the first time. The Lord blessed me three times over, when I asked for a grandchild in 18 months he gave me three. To my little Angel CK I hope you know that from the very first day you were born I prayed God would protect and bless you and teach you that you in return need to bless him in your daily life. May this angel just be a small reminder that not only does your momma watch over you but the Lord above will bless you more than you can imagine.



I love you little Curly Lock CK…..May the Lord watch over you while we are absent one from another…..Mom