An Angel Pin for Carmen Sanchez Sawyer

Virginia Kernaghan gave an angel pin gift to Carmen Sanchez Sawyer. Carmen is an Angel in her life.

Carmen Sanchez Sawyer
by Virginia Hollis Kernaghan

CarmenSanchezSawyer1.jpgI taught Carmen in 8th grade English at Alvin Jr. High. She was one of the most interested, and interesting students I ever taught. Not only was she a good student, but she went out of her way to be dependable, talented and dedicated to doing a good job on every assignment.

It was during this year that I also met her parents who soon became our dearest friends. It was then that I realized why Carmen was so inspired to be outstanding. They too were this way. Carmen wanted to always please them and me and she did.

When I needed an older person to baby-sit my daughter during the summer I was in college in Huntsville, Carmen went along with us to supervise Susan while I was in class or was studying. I never had a minute's worry knowing Carmen was there to see after Susan, for I knew Carmen to be so dependable and trustworthy. When her dad was in the hospital one Christmas from a heart attack, Carmen and her sister and brother ate Christmas lunch with our family.

CarmenSanchezSawyer2.jpgLater after she finished college, she too became a teacher of English, and now is a counselor at the local high school.

Through the years, we have remained close friends, often sharing our deepest concerns and dreams with one another. Carmen is included in our family dinners and celebrations, and so are her children. . She is my Angel, like another daughter to me, and I sign my cards to her "From Your Other Mother."

The photos on this page are from Virginia Kernaghan's photograph albums of memories.



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