An Angel Pin for Brandy Johnson Carlson

Virginia Hollis Kernaghan gave an Angel Pin gift to her granddaughter Brandy Johnson Carlson. Brandy has always been an "Angel" in Virginia's life.

Brandy Johnson Carlson
by Virginia Hollis Kernaghan

BrandyJohnsonCarlson.jpgBrandy is my first-born granddaughter who has brought me untold joy and happiness. Often on Saturday nights, my husband and I kept Brandy for her parents to go out somewhere, and she spent the night with us so she could be here to go to Sunday School and church with us the next morning. When she was a year old, she learned to walk by herself in the hallway of our house. Soon after that, we moved to another house on the same street, where she learned to talk and she hasn't stopped since.

When she was just a little girl, she and her sister moved in our home to live with us, and Hal and I thought they were about the most beautiful little girls who had ever lived. They brought us much joy and happiness. When Brandy was in 7th grade in Alvin Jr. High, I taught her in my speech and drama class where I learned to appreciate her in another role besides being my grandchild. I then saw her as a gifted, talented young lady.

Later on Hal became so ill that we had to take him everyday to Houston for cancer treatment, and it was Brandy who assumed responsibility for those trips along with being sure he had everything he needed to make his illness more bearable for him. If the feeding tubes became clogged, it was Brandy who came over in the middle of the night to see that they flowed properly. After he died, Brandy continued to visit me about everyday, and even now, she still comes over often and does things for me, her Maw Maw. She is truly my Angel.

The following photos are from Virginia's photograph albums of memories.





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