An Angel Pin for Bill and Susan Burgos

Virginia Kernaghan gave Angel Pins to her friends Bill and Susan Burgos. Bill recieved a tie tack pin and Susan's angel can be either a pin or a pendant. Both angels have dichroic angel faces.

Bill and Susan Burgos
by Virginia Hollis Kernaghan

Burgos.jpgBill and I had classes together in high school in Huntsville. I was attracted to him for he was not only handsome, but intelligent as well. He is a kind, considerate person and in later life we renewed our friendship via e-mail and visits and chance meetings at school reunions. He and his wife came to visit me one summer while they were in Texas to attend his medical class reunion and I invited several other people from Huntsville to come over for lunch to also visit with them and me.Although he has retired from his medical practice, Bill and his wife Susan often contribute to many charities. Susan is a vivacious, lovely person who enjoys doing things for other people. While on the lunch visit to my home, Susan made many pictures of our lunch groups and one of my girls with me, then sent copies to me for keepsakes. At reunions, she also made pictures to share with others. She sponsors charity events to help in California where they live. Bill says he goes along for moral support and to write the checks. Since they both know of my love of reading mystery paperbacks, they often send me books to enjoy. One of the authors I enjoy lives not far from their home. They know that I also love pictures, and often they send me pictures that they know I will enjoy. Both Bill and Susan are my friends and angels to me as well as to many other people.

The photos on this page came from Virginia Kernaghan's photograph albums of memories.







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