An Angel Pin for Bill Runnels

Virginia Kernaghan gave an angel pin tie tack to her nephew Bill Runnels. Bill is an Angel in Virginia's life.

Bill Runnels
by Virginia Hollis Kernaghan

BillRunnels.jpgBill is a Christian layman, my nephew, and the son of my oldest sister Minnie Lee. Not only is he a deacon in First Baptist Church in the town where he lives, but he also sings in the church choir, the men's chorus, and taught a Sunday School Class until family illness caused him to have to give up that position. Bill loves his wife, his sons and their wives, and his five granddaughters. When one of the little girls was very ill, Bill and his wife, in addition to taking care of his mother and his wife's mother, they also took on the task of taking care of the other granddaughters while his son and the son's wife were in another town taking care of the little granddaughter who had to have surgery.

Bill loves people; he serves on many Boards, and ministers to sick people in his church. At family weddings, funerals, and parties, he and his wife attend to represent our family at all family occasions. When he was little, my younger sister and I used to visit them a week in the summer. He would hear his mother say that her two sisters were coming to visit, so that is what he called us too. AND I feel that way about him, that he truly is my brother, and I know he is also my Angel.

The photos on this page came from Virginia Kernaghan's photograph albums of memories.



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