An Angel Pin for Bill Blum

Virginia Kernaghan gave an Angel pin tie tack to her friend Bill Blum. Bill is a special "Angel" in her life.

Bill Blum
by Virginia Hollis Kernaghan

BillBlum1.jpgWhen I was teaching English, speech and drama, Bill was in my 8th grade English class. He has the most endearing smile and kind demeanor. He was an excellent student, always attacking each assignment with enthusiasm and diligence. He has always been a friend to many.

For years, I didn't see nor hear from him, but in recent years, Bill again began to get in touch with me through post cards which he sends to me from the many different countries where he flies in his job as an airline captain and pilot. Since he knows of my interest in literature and far­away places, he often takes time to choose and write cards to send to me, knowing that I will be pleased to receive them since I can no longer travel. One time he also sent me a huge goodie bag of souvenirs he had collected in other countries. And in mm, when I find cartoons about pilots or flying, I cut them out to send along to Bill. He has also sent me e-mail reminding me of things that happened when he was in my class at school. When he was promoted to Captain, he sent me an e-mall about it for he knew I would take pride in his accomplishment. What a wonderful young man who is an Angel to me.

The photos on this page came from Virginia Kernaghan's photograph albums of memories.



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