An Angel Pin for Betsy Bryant Flanagan

Betsy-4.jpgAn angel pin for an “angel on earth”. Betsy Bryant Flanagan moved to Alvin from New Jersey just before her junior year of high school. When we first met, I thought that Betsy was very quiet and reserved. BOY!! Was I ever wrong about that!!!!

After we became friends, we spent hours together – sometimes at the Dairyland, sometimes at her house in the pool, and sometimes just sitting in my room or hers. No matter what we were doing – we were always having a lot fun. We were both avid Beatles fans and I know that we probably wore out a lot of records when we were together. I really can’t remember if we had classes together. In fact, did we attend classes? Yes, I am sure we did -- my high school classes are all a blur. I only remember the social activities. Betsy attended AHS for only 1 ½ years. However, when she moved to Florida, we all missed her very much. The “teenage years” are very difficult especially when you have to leave your friends only months before graduation. We knew that we missed Betsy, but none of us realized that she was missing us too.

I had tried several times to locate Betsy but I did not know her married name. However, while I was preparing for a high school reunion type “Christmas Party” I found her name on and began to correspond with her again. It was so good to hear from her. BetsyPat2.jpg


Betsy is living in CT now with her handsome and loving husband Pat. You can tell from these photos that they do some really exciting things together. Betsy is a teacher in the Connecticut Prison System where she helps the inmates earn their GED diplomas. Pat and Betsy have two beautiful daughters, Debra and Michele. Debra works on a cruise line. Betsy and Pat love to join the fun every chance they get from their busy work schedules. Daughter Michele and grandson Morgan live “just down the street”. Of course the grandparents are delighted that they chose to live close. Their favorite activity is anything that includes their family -- especially grandson Morgan. Betsy showed me photos and then she told me that he is the most precious child in the world. “In her spare time", Betsy is working on her thesis for her PhD.

The photo on the left is Betsy and her daughter Deb. This was taken on one of the many cruises that Pat and Betsy have taken. Two very beautiful ladies!!!! The photo on the right is Betsy on vaction. BetsyDeb.jpgBetsyfountain-a.jpg

No matter where she moves, Betsy will always be part of our AHS class of 66 and we will never “get lost” again. Thank you, Betsy for being an angel friend in the 60’s, now in the 2000’s, and forever.

An Angel Pin for Betsy Flanagan

angelpin9Pictured at the left is the Angel Pin gift that was created for Betsy Flanagan. The purple/green dicroic face on this angel pin is beautiful. I am so glad that we have located Betsy and Pat. They are far away in miles but so close to our hearts.

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