An Angel Pin for Arliss Spinks

Michael Spinks gave three angel pins to his sister, Arliss Spinks. Arliss is an angel to everyone she knows.

Arliss Spinks
by Michael Spinks

Arliss_Intro.jpgArliss Spinks is a "people person" with a sparkling personality. She quickly becomes a very special friend to all who know her. She taught school for many years and I know for a fact that she is an excellent teacher. When I was in high school, Arliss was my typing teacher. You might think that she would grant special treatment to her little brother. Nope!! She wanted me to learn the subject -- and I did!!! Arliss retired from teaching in New Mexico on a Reservation. She was and still is respected by all of her students. It was a profession that she enjoyed because she could help her students not only with their "classes", but also with life. Arliss never married but because of her loving students she probably has more children than anyone I know. They are like an extended family.

After retiring from teaching, Arleen decided to go back to work. She now works for the local Wal-Mart store. It is a great job because she gets to see friends from her home town and make new friends everyday.

When I think of Arliss, so many stories come to mind. However, one of my favorites is when our family went out to eat at a local restaurant. It was an extremely busy day and the waitresses were running all over the place. Arliss noticed the upset patrons and the overworked wait staff. She asked one of the waitresses where she could find the tea pitcher. The waitress pointed to a back table where the water and tea pitchers were sitting. Arliss walked over, picked up the tea pitcher, and gracefully began going from table to table filling people's glasses. She continued doing this until the "rush hour" was over. That is just Arliss, always helping people!! She is able to recognize needs even when they are not voiced.

Arliss loves the outdoors. She loves camping, hiking, kayaking, -- anything outdoors!!!

Spinks_sisters.jpg Our family is "scattered" now and we are not able to get together as often as we would like, we stay in touch by phone. We miss our parents and other family members who are no longer with us, and Arliss sometimes gets emotional at our reunions. However, her smile is always there and reminds us of all the fun times we have had and of all the fun times that are waiting in our future.

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