An Angel Pin for Allison Beasley Bayer

Virginia Hollis Kernaghan gave an angel pin gift to her friend Allison Beasley Bayer. Allison is an Angel in her life.

Allison Beasley Bayer
by Virginia Hollis Kernaghan

AllisonBeasleyBayer.jpgI taught Allison in 7th grade English and 8th grade speech and drama, and she has been my friend ever since. Allison was a joy to have in the classroom; eager, smart, ambitious, and willing to work hard. Her quick wit and ready smile made her a friend to everyone who knew her.

During tournament work, Allison truly was a joy to be around. As an adult, she always let me keep up with her, often by sending me postcards or notes telling me of her work or friends. When she and Jerry married, she sent me pictures and notes telling me of her happiness which she knew I would be delighted to hear about. After vacations, she often brought over a Scrapbook to show me pictures of their travels. Allison does quilting as a vocation, and has quilted several quilts for me that I made by hand. When she and a friend came to the International Quilt Show in Houston, they each brought quilts to show me for they knew I take pride in other people's accomplishments. Not only is she a dear friend and former student, who is also a talented seamstress and quilter extraordinaire, but she is my Angel who sends e-mail to me because she knows it makes me happy.

The following photos are from Virginia Kernaghan's photograph albums of memories.



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