Alice "C" Gets Angel Pin from a Friend

An angel pin is a perfect gift for my friend, Alice. Alice and I met in the 9th grade. We were both students at Alvin High School. In our 11th and 12th grade classes, we were both in FHA club (Future Homemakers of America). In fact, we were officers in our senior year. What fun we had!!!! We were also in the same English class. Larry reminded me of a funny story about that class. The first day of school, Miss Kee realized that there were at least 5 “couples” in that class. She was concerned that the “romance” may be distracting to learning, so she put everyone in alphabetical order. Much to her surprise, Larry “C” and Alice “C” were still “together” and sitting one behind the other. So Miss Kee then asked Alice to begin a new row – that made the first row shorter than all other rows by 2 people; but it separated the “couples” in her class. Even with all that, the romance still flourished. Alice & Larry married shortly after graduation from high school. My sister and I went to the wedding, and she was a gorgeous bride.

We all remained in the Alvin area most of our adult lives and would see each other from time to time, but with our busy lives with work, kids, church activities etc, we had not had a chance to visit much. However the age of the internet and E-MAIL has helped us to re-connect. It has been so much fun finding out all about Alice and Larry’s life.

They now have 2 grown children. Lawrence and Edie. Lawrence and his wife, Angie, met at Texas A & M. They lived in Guam , Alabama , Arizona , and California , before returning to Texas . Alice and Larry are so glad that they have moved back to the Alvin area. Edie and her husband, Roger, are the parents of Alice ’s first grandchild, Abbie. Abbie is the “Light” of her grandparents’ lives. She lives about five hours away, so Alice and Larry go to visit often in their RV.

Larry and Alice are two of the busiest people I know. They love to travel in their RV with AHS friends. When they are home they are active with church activities, gardening, and cattle. They have learned to scuba dive and they have traveled to Bali , Palau , Yap , and Chu’uk to scuba dive. AliceCFamily2
In the photo above left to right: son Lawrence, and his wife Angie, son-in-law Roger and daughter Edie, the cutest grand-daughter in the whole world Abbie, Alice and her husband Larry. Larry is holding their four legged daughter, Sassy Pants. WHAT A GREAT FAMILY!

Alice, thank you, for being a great friend.

Angel Pin Designed for Alice "C"


Pictured at the left is the Angel pin with a dichroic angel face that was created for Alice "C". This has been one of our most popular angel pin. She is an Angel of Beauty -- just like Alice "C".

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