An Angel Pin for Wendy Aparicio

Virginia Hollis Kernaghan gave an angel pin gift to her granddaughter Wendy. Wendy has always been an "Angel" in Virginia's life.

Wendy Johnson Aparicio
by Virginia Hollis Kernaghan

Wendy1.jpgWendy is my second granddaughter who has brought me much joy and happiness. She is a quick study, and a gifted actress and speaker. Not only does she posses talents, but she also has a great work ethic. Even as a child, she never wanted to miss her school classes, and she is that way about her work. If she misses work, one can say, Wendy must really be sick.

Wendy likes to stay busy and always wants something to do that uses her wits. In Jr. High, she and Hal built several bird feeders as a science project, and she continues to enjoy making things as well as doing things for others. Since I had taught English, speech and drama, she knew that when she was in college, making an A in her speech class would bring me much pride and joy, so she brought home that A. Indeed, I don't know which one of us was most proud!

After Hal died, Wendy gave birth to Haley, a beautiful little great- granddaughter who truly made me smile again. Not only is Wendy my dear granddaughter, but she is also a wonderful mother who takes pride in doing things with and for her child, teaching Haley and playing with her. Even though she is busy, she calls me and runs by often. That is what Angels do.

The photos on this page are from Virginia Kernaghan's photograph albums of memories.




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