An Angel Pin for Ramona Rutter

Michael Spinks gave his sister, Ramona Rutter, two angel pins. Ramona has been an angel to him his entire life.

Ramona Rutter
by Michael Spinks

Ramona_Intro.jpgRamona (Mona) Rutter is my sister and is an angel in the lives of all of us who love her. She has 3 children - one son and 2 daughters - and seven grandchildren -- 5 boys and 2 girls. Her life has always been filled with family and friends.

Ramona and her husband owned a bait shop for several years. This business was a great source of income and much pleasure. Their customers became special friends and were like family members.

Now Ramona is working for a nursing home. She loves her job because she loves helping people. Her favorite part of working there is cooking country meals for all the people who live in the home. She makes bisquits, gravy, and all the "home cooking" that everyone loves to eat. The health care profession is not always easy, but it is one of the most rewarding.

Ramona has always loved music -- especially country music. Her father played the fiddle -- and he played it very well. In fact he was inducted into the Fiddler Hall of Fame in New Mexico. When Ramona was a young lady, she would play the guitar with her father. They would often go to the fiddler contests together. My memories of our family always include memories of the Country Western Music in the air!!!

Spinks_sisters.jpgOur family is "scattered" now, but we still get together by phone between our reunions. I wanted Ramona to have these angel pins so she will know that she is an angel to me.

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