An Angel Pin for Paula Kinze

Paula.jpgWe created an angel pin gift for our friend, Paula Kinze. Rex and I met Paula and her husband Paul through the "Pasadena Group". These people who went to school at Pasadena High School get together almost weekly to "eat out" and listen to live music. However, I am sure that our paths had crossed many times. We were both taking whip dance classes and knew a lot of the same people. It really is a very small world.

PaulaPaulKinze1.jpgPaul and Paula (Isn't that a song???) are such a sweet couple. They love life and they love each other!!! You can tell that from the photo to the right.

The "Pasadena Angels" are pictured above. These are the ladies from the Pasadena High School Group. From left to right: Paula, Judy, Darlene, Bonnie, Billie, Emma, and Rosa. We love you ladies and you will always be our "angels". These ladies are all dear friends.

An Angel for Paula


Pictured at the left is the Angel with a dichroic angel face that was created for Paula Kinze. Paula is a sweet lady with a great personality. We are so glad that our Pasadena Angels include us in their fun.

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