An Angel Pin for an Angel with a Heart of GOLD

LindaSewell.jpgRex and I designed a very special angel pin gift for a lady who is truly an angel on earth to those who know her.

I remember the first time I met Linda Sewell. I was running late for Sunday School and could hear the music as I hurried into the lobby. When I quietly entered our class room, I was wondering, "Who is the owner of that INCREDIBLE voice??" Rex and I were "just visiting" this church and had not met many people. I stood at the door of the classroom, completely overwhelmed by what I was hearing. This lady has the voice of an angel.

When Linda completed the song, she began to tell about how God had changed her life both spiritually and physically. First He had shown her His Love -- Love that she had never known before. That was the spiritual change. Linda then told about falling down stairs and being told that she would lose her leg. She had diabetes and because of complications, the doctors had no hope of saving it. However, God had other plans!! Linda is still walking on two legs. What an incredible testimony!!

Since that time, we have come to know Linda and her family and are glad to call them "FRIENDS". Linda lived in a very turbulent homelife as a child. Her father was very abusive and both of her parents were alcoholics. Linda was forced to leave school in the beginning of her tenth grade year to support her family. Linda taught herself to type and to advance in math. She worked in some "rough" places and one night a murderer tried to take Linda's life. Linda literally called out to God to save her. As she was talking to God, the man dropped the knife, fell to his knees and told Linda he was on heroin and to get out of the room. Linda knows that she witnessed a miracle that night and that God did save her life.

Today because of the grace of God and a lot of hard work, her life is completely different. Linda is the owner of the All Aluminum & Steel Awning Company -- the third largest awning company in Houston. (And probably one of the very few in America that are owned by women) That is no small feat for a single lady who only finished the 9th grade. She has several crews of men who actually do the construction for her but she is the supervisor, chief salesperson, and CEO.

Linda has two daughters. Her daughter Dana Garrison helps her in the business both in the office and in the field. DeAnna lives in North Dakota with her husband Pastor Alex Sosa. They are missionaries at the Standing Rock Reservation in Fort Yates, North Dakota. Linda has three beautiful granddaughters. Dana's daughter is Christina and DeAnna's daughter is Danielle. Alex and DeAnna have recently adopted a daughter, Karalee Bullbear. Karalee was living on the reservation and needed a home. Linda loves her family and spends every minute she can with them. She is thankful for Dana and the work that she does in the shop and in the field. Linda and Dana miss DeAnna and Alex since they moved away.

Linda is a very talented singer and gets lots of invitations to sing in churches, prison ministries, etc. When Linda hears of someone who needs help -- she is there to lend a hand. In fact, when Linda first started her business she met a man who was homeless. Linda gave him a job, some food, and let him stay in the office for a few weeks. Now he has his own apartment, is one of Linda's most loyal workers, and he is doing very well.

Linda is a "True Friend" and I am so glad that I know her. Keep singing, Linda!!!! Your voice makes the dark clouds roll away. Enjoy your angel pin

An angel pin for Linda Sewell

Angel-pin-pbw102.jpgPictured at the left is the Angel Pin with the dichroic angel face that was created for Linda Sewell. Linda is an angel to everyone who knows her. She sings like an angel and she also has the heart of an angel. We are so glad that she is our friend and my "Sister" in the Lord.

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