An Angel Pin for Kathy Denham

Kathy1.jpgRex and Ruth designed an angel pin gift especially for their friend, Kathy Denham. We first met Kathy when our children were in preschool. I knew when I first met her, that Kathy was a sweetheart. She has a friendly smile and a sparkling personality. No matter how "hectic" her day may be, she greets everyone with a smile.

Within months after meeting Kathy, I began to go to her beauty shop to have my hair done. Watching her balance family, work, church activities, and friends has been a learning experience. She always seems to find the time to get everything done. She is an amazing lady.

One of the most amazing things that I have seen in Kathy is her sincere love for all of her customers, but especially the elderly ladies. Kathy often drives to their homes, picks them up, fixes their hair at the salon, then drives them back to their home. She is probably one of the busiest people I know, but she is never too busy for the people she loves. I continue to be amazed at the energy of this lady. I am so glad that she has become a friend of mine.

I have always appreciated the work that Kathy has done keeping my hair cut just the way I like it. However, when I lived overseas for two years, I found out that all beauticians are NOT created equal. I never found anyone that could cut my hair like Kathy.

StevenJessica1Kathy is married to Steven Denham and is the mother of 4 absolutely gorgeous daughters. This is a photo of Steven and Jessica. All four girls are very talented in sports of all kinds, especially soft ball. Steven and Kathy are so proud of all their accomplishments.

Stephenie, Jessica, Tiffany, and Alyssa brighten their parents lives. And now Stephenie and Jessica have made them grandparents!!!!!!! Being a grandmother is so much fun. I know because Kathy told me so!!!


These gorgeous young ladies are Kathy's 4 beautiful daughters -- Stephenie, Jessica, Tiffany, and Alyssa. These girls have always been the center of Steven and Kathy's lives.

2Boys1These two young men are "Kathy's Boys", Gabe Alaniz and Shonz LaFrenz. They are married to her oldest daughters Stephenie and Jessica. Kathy's eyes light up when she talks about the fathers of her two granddaughters. These are the special young men that Kathy lovingly call "her boys".

This is Paige Alise LaFrenz at age 6 weeks. She is the daughter of Stephenie and Shonz LaFrenz. Such a cutie!!!

This is Presley Rae Alaniz -- daughter of Jessica and Gabe Alaniz. She was born just weeks after her cousin Paige. What a beautiful baby!!!!

Now we know why Kathy is so excited about being a grandmother. Kathy, have fun with those grand daughters. We love you!!!!

An Angel Pin for Kathy Denham

Angel-Pin-small-lacey-079.jpgPictured at the left is the Angel Pin that was created for Kathy Denham. All of our angels have dichroic angel faces made of fused glass. Kathy is an angel to so many people. Her four daughters know how special their mother is to them and to her customers. Kathy always goes out of her way to help someone who has a need. We love you, Kathy. Thank you for being our angel.

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