Examples of Tack Fused Art Glass

This page contains a few examples of art glass that have been tack fused. You will notice that some have been fired longer than others. In our fusing glass instructions we talked about the tack fuse and the full fuse. Of course there are examples that fall "in between" these two. It is our hope that these examples will show you the various ways you may want to fire your projects. No matter what type of project you are planning, your kiln choice is probably one of the most important that you will make. We have some kiln recommendations.

Abst001.jpgThe photo at the left is our Abstract Art Jewelry. This is an example of the tack fuse.
The photo to the left is a 5 sided "free form" Pendant. Making pendants like this one and the one below eliminate the need for a bail.

The photo on the left is a "free form" rectangle. These "free form" designs are so much fun to make and sell quickly. This piece is an example of between tack and fuse.

This pendant was made with 2 overlapping squares and silver dichroic on the top. You will notice that the squares have kept their individual shapes but have become one piece.

This pendant was also made with 2 overlapping squares like the one above. However, it was fused longer. You will see that the squares have retained their shapes but have begun to sag and have rounded edges.

This "free form" cross is one of our biggest sellers. For years we had made crosses with our diamond band saw -- spending hours cutting each one. This is also an example of between tack and full. These crosses can also be tack fused for a shorter time (no slump in the glass)or they can be completely full fused for a different look.

This pendant was made with 3 squares that are slightly overlapped. We fused a lazer etched dichroic glass on top for a very unique look.
We hope that you will decide to make some fused glass projects and dichroic jewelry. It is a lot of fun. Please visit our "Art Glass Fusing Section". If you have any questions use the "Contact Us" tab at the left.

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